Back to Normal

Back to Normal

The first day that I was able to go out with my children for a walk, I decided to take the camera, to take some photos, as I did. The first ride after more than 40 days.

I’ve been doing it for years, I never have problems. I photographed my children and four plants that were out there. An angry man came over why he was taking pictures. I apologized, I was right in everything, since I was with my children I did not want problems and that’s it.

That man would be doing something wrong, he would feel guilty about something, or he wasn’t right in the head. There is no other. There’s a lot of crazy on the loose. Or simply confinement has upset his head.

I think there will be many people who will go very badly from this one. Being isolated for so long does not feel good. And this case is very clear. The lord was upset.

In a public park I can take the photos I want, I am in a public place (excuse me for the redundancy). (In Spain, I don’t know in your country)

But no one can threaten me not to take photos in a park. If they don’t want to go out and have them stay home, which I think has affected their heads.

Back to Normal

Tell me if the photo below is worth a discussion:

Back to Normal un the square

NO (it seems to me that it hurt him more that he agreed with him and went from it, as a deep amorphous by-product)

Bottom right there are completely dark two minors and a man. If the man is doing something wrong with the minors, there he is. I can’t even report him to the police because it just comes out like this, completely dark, but wouldn’t it be more logical to pass me by if he’s doing something wrong? and if not, what is that about?

The feeling of guilt must be motivated by lack of Back to Normal, since in a public park open to everyone, it is not private, not for exclusive use or anything like that, you cannot demand that you do not take photos. Never.

I can even take photos in shop windows if I am more than 4 meters away. Nowadays distance is not a problem.

The other question is that you find the photo published somewhere and then complain. The only thing you can do is ask me to delete it, or if I have done business with it claim part of the intellectual property (but that is another question), otherwise the paparazzi would not exist.

In a dictatorship you can impose yourself, but in a democracy there are rules and if you are on the street it is free to move and taking photos is not prohibited. Unless the Alarm State has changed it, and I don’t think that happened.

I can also think that this person is the center of the universe and everything revolves around him … (in short, pure and simple selfishness)

I have been accredited for many years at the FICEB, the erotic salon that was held in the Farga de L’Hospitalet, I did many press conferences, presentations, the farewell dinner, shows …

Several actors who at that time offered to take pictures of them later with the passage of time asked me to remove them from my website. They had changed their lives, they married, children … they wanted to distance themselves from that time, and not one, but several at the national level, and they asked me to withdraw them, and so I did.

No problem. He’s your decision and it must be respected.

I explain this to you, because it is not the first time it has happened to me, not in an open and public space that is the first time, but in acts or exhibitions. I generally agree with them as fools and avoid problems.

And in no case do I use those photos, and if I feel threatened I can go to the police, I am doing my job, but I have never reached this extreme. I hope you don’t either

But you have to know that there is a lot of crazy on the loose and you have to always go with lead feet, because this man came with good manners and without being overbearing, but who says that he doesn’t take out a knife and stick it in you?

Always careful, avoid embarrassing situations and leave the sooner the better. The photo will still be there or not, it depends, but your life is essential and in two seconds it can change forever.

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