My right to privacy

My right to privacy

January 1, 2020, is a very sad day. One of the worst days in the history of Barcelona.

Years ago, Bicing began operating. It is voluntary, and paid, so whoever uses it knows that it gives up its rights to the city council in terms of mobility.

But now, on day 1 of this year, rates and transportation system have changed. They have invented a card for the month La Usual, worth 40 euros, which you have to identify. You must enter your National Identity Document (DNI).

They know at all times, how you move, where you are, who you are with. You have entered the Big Data.

No one has authorized at least in my name, to use, manage, sell and violate my freedom and privacy, and unless sold or managed by external companies.

All this, together with the 200 cameras that say they have already put, and all those that will come in the future, to control the ZBE represent that you have absolutely lost your freedom and intimacy.

They know where you are by car and public transport. But the worst is still missing. Ordinary citizens. Pedestrians.

They have many problems to finish developing the T-Mobilitat. In theory it is a card, you enter public transport and you do not have to chop or take anything. You enter directly.

Worst of all, it is in the hands of a particular company, and not municipal or local. If we can no longer rely on this aspect of the state / municipality / local authorities … imagine a particular company.

Even more Big Data. Imagine you enter a store and detect the card. Or in a restaurant, personalized menus or anything you can imagine.

100% control. Citizens are no longer the same. Those who drive or not. On behalf of the planet, get annoyed and I control your car. Those who use transport or not. And soon the citizens.

Barcelona every day discriminates more, controls more and systematically violates my rights to privacy and freedom.

I disagree. Think about it.

My right to privacy

My right to privacy

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