The little flea and the elephant

The little flea and the elephant.
or of … How companies dominate the world …

How far does a flower see the moon

How far does a flower see the moon

Neither governments nor politicians, the new rulers of the world are big companies. And it has just been demonstrated at the MWC.

Since 2006 it has been celebrated in our city. But since that year things have changed a lot.

Before I was right to be Congresses and Fairs but times have changed. They no longer need physical spaces to make their presentations.

Social networks have changed the system of doing business. When Apple presents its new phone it does so in a worldwide celebration, which is echoed in all social networks and televisions.

Do you really think that Apple needs a world fair to present its products? On the contrary, when there is much to present, one is diluted.

They must be on time to arrive on time, each year a presentation, expenses, travel …

Small and medium-sized businesses are more interested than large ones. They do business and contacts, but the big ones …

The big Technology and Telecommunications companies are already known to everyone and do not need these spaces so much.

I am a little flea that complains about the ways of Jazztel and Yoigo, elephants. Now the flea has hooked on the pachyderm and itches a little scratch.

But imagine thousands of pulguitas, you can not scratch, do not know where, it stings everything … and millions of fleas on the elephant, in the end it drowns and ends up falling.

Never in the history of Humanity have the little flea (the ordinary citizen) had so many tools and ways of expressing and associating, but on the other hand, companies have never been so powerful.

Never before has there been this dichotomy between people and the companies that govern people. Politicians and states are dragging behind companies.

The MWC has been an example, they have looked for an excuse to cancel an event worldwide, remember the Rio Olympics Games, if they had been companies instead of athletes.

The greatest example is the American president, a businessman fighting for his interests, denying evidence as clear as the climatic emergency, since his companies would not comply with ecological laws.

It also has to think about the value that is given to people. Some are untouchable, others are worthless. The executive is not worth the same as the athlete and less the citizen.

We are at the point that if the little flea do not support us, instead of drowning and dropping the elephant, it will end up crushing and eliminating us.

‘Youth’ uses these means better than the ‘elders’, but the pity is that what they do is quite useless for society: shopping, jokes, games and similar nonsense.

If the ‘elders’ used positively and with the same energy as the boys of the important things that affect us, there would be no elephant to endure.

There are screaming, unpresentable and spoiled and silly youtubers with millions of ‘Give me a like’ subscribers who only make videos of soccer games for example, or people who go to a store to influence their sales … there are also trips and crafts …

But things that really interest, of interesting people who talk about problems and how to fight them … the truth is that I don’t know any.

We are missing a unique occasion.

We will see next year if all the companies that have refused to do so will come. The city would have to receive compensation for damages for not fulfilling a contract and causing losses and lack of income.

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